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Life is Good | Big Changes and Excitement For the Future

I've dropped bad habits and replaced them with new ones, changed how I structure my days and have some huge opportunities coming up

Life has been a complete whirlwind lately.

About a month ago, my brother was having almost constant panic attacks. I didn't sleep for two days straight and felt sick from all the adrenaline. When things went back to normal-ish, I was working until like 5:30 AM and waking up sometime around 4 or 5 PM? It was bad. I wasn't really eating either because the adrenaline made me feel sick to my stomach. My work and overall wellness suffered as a result. I was in a slump. I would be working with Jed again soon and knew I had to make some changes.

So I flipped my schedule and started going to sleep around 11:00 - 12:00 PM (I'm up later tonight, celebrating!) and waking up around 6-8 AM depending on the day. I also changed how I structure my day. As soon as I get up in the morning, I eat breakfast then work on the most important / strenuous tasks of the day while my brain is fresh. I'm able to get a HUGE amount of work done in this time. During that time, if any thoughts / ideas / tasks pop into my head, I write them down and set them aside for later.

After 4-5 hours of focused work, I go through emails / texts / phone calls and manage the Acrylic University social media. I also go over the list that I created during the focused work session and immediately finish any tasks that take less than 5 minutes. Then I eat lunch.

After that, I select another task and stick to it until dinner. After dinner, I head to the gym, come home, relax a bit, finish up any other tasks and then read. Finally I prepare what I need to do for the next day, then head to sleep. That way when I wake up I know exactly what I need to do. It's crazy how much this system has helped me. Technically I'm working less hours but getting far more done and I feel way better overall both mentally and physically. I'm more focused and driven. Having set times for eating, going to the gym and sleeping have all helped immensely instead of shifting my schedule on a daily basis depending on how much work needed to be done.

I've also been using Trello to organize my projects, thoughts and to-do lists and it has helped me be far more productive.

My brother is doing somewhat better now.

Jed, Renae and I changed our business approach and are almost ready to start selling

It's been almost a month since I started working with Jed and Renae again and it's been great. Working with Jed and Renae is such an incredible work environment. Having people to work alongside and bounce ideas off of feels great. It definitely beats working in my apartment inside of my own echo chamber. Environment is so crucial.

Sidenote, Willow's awesome; she's so clever and full of life. The other night Willow and I sat on the couch and watched a TV Show while snacking and drawing random stuff on each other's hands. Precious. I also got to see her classroom which was pretty awesome. Brought back a TON of memories from elementary school. Willow is seriously so smart, she could probably do whatever the heck she wanted to in life and would be really really good at it.

Jed, Renae and I have been diving deep into the world of sales and marketing. There's so much to learn but we've grown a lot since we started. We're about ready to launch a sales funnel which is basically a super efficient and purpose-driven marketing strategy. This absolutely blows our previous feeble marketing attempts out of the water. In addition, we changed our marketing focus from trying to sell memberships to trying to sell courses. I think this will make things easier and radically more profitable for us. We're going to launch the funnel and the advertisement today and I can't wait.

I'm also trying to read a book every week. It's incredible how helpful it's been. Last week I read Explosive Growth: A Few Things I Learned While Growing My Startup To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million. That book cost me five bucks and gave me so many incredible ideas. Books are the best investments. All it takes is one good idea or spark of inspiration and the book pays for itself ten thousand times over. I realize how little I know and just want to learn more. I don't know what I don't know!!

Jed and I got to speak today at the Stanwood High School in an Entrepreneurship class. Jed did such an awesome job drawing the kids out and getting them to engage.

Jed told me about how he wasn't always this confident and how he was ashamed of Jesus back when he was in high school. We were talking about how beautiful it is that God puts us back into the exact same situations in which we had previously failed him. He loves us that much.

I was honestly terrified of speaking at first because it had been so long since I spoke up in front of people. As I was freaking out waiting for Jed to finish is segment, I looked down at my arm where I had scribbled down the four main points of my segment. (I had forgotten my speech at home in typical Peter fashion). One of the main points - Seek Discomfort - seemed to be yelling at me. I pushed my fear aside and went for it. It ended up going awesome, way better than I thought it would. And I felt amazing afterwards as is the case when you Seek Discomfort :)

I swear Jed knows like half the population of Stanwood. While we were at the high school we talked to several teachers + several kids that Jed recognized. On the the way home, Jed's just casually pointing at all these homes and saying stuff like "My Grandma used to live there" and "That's where my Uncle used to leave, he was the mayor of Stanwood for awhile."

God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear. Will Smith

New opportunities

As much as I want to rush things along, new opportunities and experiences just seem to pop up at their own pace. I need to learn to just trust the process.

Starting Tuesday I'm going to be doing some video work for a real estate company in Stanwood. I'm feeling pretty confident. I've done my research and know exactly what the company needs and am prepared to blow them away at our meeting on Tuesday.

“I would rather walk the sidewalk in front of a person's office for two hours before an interview than step into that office without a perfectly clear idea of what I was going to say and what that person—from my knowledge of his or her interests and motives—was likely to answer.” Dale Carnegie

After three months I just got done with the rough cut of my online course teaching people how to edit incredible videos and conquer YouTube. It feels so good to know that's out of the way. I still have to go back and review everything, then add motion graphics and such but I'm so close to being able to launch the course. It's laughable how crazy it is that I thought I could create this course in a week.

Longer term, I have some amazing potential projects brewing with Rachel that I'm super excited about. (@swarty710 on Instagram).

I've also met some awesome people in different places that I'm really excited to get to know better.


So much is going on, it feels like a lot to balance at once and I hope that God gives me wisdom. All in all, the future is looking bright. Life feels full.

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