• Peter Stout

My goals for 2020

2019 was a year of immense growth, risk and soul searching for me. I quit a six-figure job because it wasn't making me happy - I had higher goals. I promised myself that I was going to live my life to the full, no matter what. I want my life to be so overflowing with love, adventure, godliness, compassion, empathy, and joy that it spills into others around me. Jason talked about this passage at the Men's Retreat. Romans 12:10 says:

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

In 2019 I want to:

  • Not only work harder than I did last year but work smarter and more efficiently. I want to get rid of every single trace of apathy that I can find in my work. If I'm going to spend time doing something, I'm going to really put my heart into it. I want to help grow Acrylic University into a business that profoundly touches people's lives in a positive way. I want Acrylic University to be so authentic and genuine and rich that anyone who comes into contact with us can't help but know that there is a God who loves.

  • Never skip working out more than one day. Really turn working out into a habit that's as natural as breathing.

  • Read a book every week that helps shape me as a person.

  • Faithfully serve Foursquare Church and Redeemer Redmond.

  • Live in the moment.

I learned so much about what life really should be in 2019. I went through a complete paradigm shift. Now it's time to put it all into action.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to everything 2020 has in store for us :)

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